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Hey Yours! Storytime :') A few years ago, I was teaching a class of second graders over the summer. I had pretty bad acne all over and didn't know the first thing about skin care. Anyways, as kids do, one... (More)
Remember to wash your face masks (if you have cloth reusable ones)! I started washing mine and I've stopped getting so many breakouts after stepping outside
Ugh my boyfriend refuses to use soap to wash his face. Also, he doesn't use sunscreen! Or moisturize! He hates being "oily" so much he refuses to put things on his face πŸ™„. I'm convinced that he's oily BECAUSE h... (More)
Do you guys ever come back from a trip with pimple souvenirs? Every time I leave home with a mask I come back home with a new pimple 😭