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Welcome to the Acne Topic! Feel free to discuss all things acne related, here.

Our mission is to make skincare simple and sustainable for you so if you have any questions about acne, or if you want to share your acne journey, please feel free to post them here.Β 

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Laughed a bit too hard at this one
Anyone here experienced/ing breakouts from birth control pills?? What to do oh what to do :(
Hi, everyone! I'm Christine, the newest member of Team Yours. 😊 So excited to go through the wonderful world of skincare with you all! πŸ’–

Just curious - when did you start your skincare journey/building a skincare routine? And what led to it?

I started mine at 12YO when pesky, irritating tween acne started bombarding my forehead ugh 😬

Please go ahead and share your stories in the comments πŸ‘‡ Would love to read about how you got started on your journeys!
Sooo my skin's got a whole lot of problems... I have big pores, pigmentation, acne scars, acne... and so on. I've read that knowing what kind of skin I have is the first sttep butt I don't know where to start. All I know is that my skin type is "bad" haha. i've tried skin needling which really helped but only for a little while before my skin went back to being bad :( Anyways I guess what I'm asking is where do I start? I should probably build out a routine so that my skin can get better and... (More)