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Dry Skin
Dry Skin

Welcome to the Dry Skin Topic! Feel free to discuss all things dry skin related, here.

Our mission is to make skincare simple and sustainable for you so if you have any questions about dry skin, or if you want to share your learnings from personal experience, please feel free to post them here.Β 

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How do I get rid of super dry flakey skin?
I get random dry patches on my face and my hands and my steroid cream doesn't always get rid of it... Should I put lotion underneath first?
Thoughts on oil wipes? I have combination skin but it gets quite oily on my forhead throughout the day, and I feel like it makes me break out. I can't always wash my face in the middle of the day so I've been thinking of getting oil wipes. Have these worked for anybody?
Hi there :):) I have a dry skin and I'm not sure if it is OK to exfoliate my skin? Any suggestion?