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Skincare Routine
Skincare Routine

Welcome to the Skincare Routine Topic! Feel free to discuss all things Skincare Routine related, here.

Our mission is to make skincare simple and sustainable for you so if you have any questions about building your skincare routine, or if you want to share your learnings from personal experience, please feel free to post them here.Β 

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Sorry for this totally noob question, but what's the main diff between moisturizers and serums? Like can I use one in place of theother? (looking for ways to cut down the steps in my routine hehe)
Hi, it's my first time posting on here. 😬 Seeing a lot of hype around the new Yours sunscreen, but I never really used sunscreens since most of my make up already contains SPF. But I watched the video and now I'm wondering if we still need to apply sunscreen even though we have SPF..? (because it just seems like unnecessary extra cost given my existing routine?) Sorry for the long post but thanks to whoever will answer! 😊
Do you have to put on SPF even if it's rainy...?
Say it with me - "skincare is a process!" 😝😝